An Exercise in Blocks

As part of an online course in the use of WordPress I have an assignment on the use of blocks — the “building blocks” for WordPress blogs.

The purpose of this entry is to experiment with the use of blocks. This is an exercise that I need to work with because I have avoided the block structure for a long time. I figure that the time has come for me to learn how to work with blocks because I think that’s the direction in which WordPress is moving. I fear that someday it will be impossible to make blog posts in the classical format.

For this exercise I need to enter three types of blocks. The text in this section will satisfy my requirement for a text block. In addition to text, I think I will enter an image block and a quote block. I will select the image at random from my image files and for my quote I will either say something clever or to get a quote from one of my sources.

Image Block

Photo of Stonewall near La Vita Colorado.

Quote Block

First confuse the vocabulary. — Vladimir Lenin

And with that quote I think I finished my exercise in blocks.

This exercise certainly hasn’t made me fall in love with blocks, but I think I can learn to live with them.

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