Jim Berger

During the last forty years or more I have studied human systems from a number of different perspectives. I have worked for financial institutions. I have bought, sold, owned and managed small businesses. I have invested in large businesses. And, I have consulted with numerous businesses.

Through this whole period I have studied economics to an every increasing depth. I have watched and engaged in economic transactions of all sizes—from buying fruit at the super-market to buying and selling businesses. (Having bought stuff acts as a better credential for you and me than any PhD.)

This experience has helped me to see the importance of understanding the complex, interrelated nature of human systems1. I have also come to see how few people understand and appreciate the complexity of the human systems in which they function.

About The Memoranda

1 (The term human system refers to any system in which humans act as an essential element. Human systems include families, neighborhoods, organizations, and economic system.)

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